Bayside Anglers Group LTD

 12th Annual Little Neck Bay “Bass Beach” Clean Up.
April 22, 06 10 am Start

Thank You to all who Helped us Clean the Beach!

Our 12 th annual Little Neck Bay 2006 Bass Beach Clean-up was an overwhelming success!

 The weather was overcast and rainy, but overall not so bad to work in. As you will soon see from the pictures, once again we did a truly meaningful service to our local community waterfront by removing a winters worth of trash and ultimately leaving the bay surprisingly cleaner than when we arrived.  A pile of trash-filled contractor bags along with loads of larger items dragged from the muck found along the shoreline by our stalwart volunteers now lies alongside the bicycle path awaiting pickup by the NYC Parks Department sanitation crew.

In addition to everyone who pitched in, the success of today’s gallant efforts rests in no small part on the efforts of BAG member Martin Hox, who in addition to donating the grand raffle prize of a beautiful boat combo, enlisted Ernest of Phoenix House and his group of hard working volunteers, and BAG Club President Peter Scala Jr. whose community networking efforts resulted in the addition of several tireless workers from the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 12-08, Fort Totten  and members of the King Point Coast Guard, taking a lead role in the clean-up. Once again, we are more than thrilled to note the repeat appearance of our City Councilman Tony Avella and his wife Judith, both of whom attacked the clean up with an extra level of high energy and support.

Let’s not forget to mention: BAG members Dave, Stan, and Glen who dragged out family members to do the hard work so they could hang around talking about all the imaginary fish they catch, and both Steve Knapik of the Striper Surf Club bringing with him several fishing lures for raffle prizes and Lenny Ferro of the High Hill Surf Club, both of whom donated their sweat and hard work. Thank you goes out to the both of you; it really does mean a lot to have brothers from other fishing clubs come out in support of our efforts. We sincerely hope that we can one day return the favor.

Last year we failed to mention Colorall Paints of Flushing who this year once again donated all of the contractor bags that made this entire event possible, as well as BAG member Steve Piliero who helped secure this generous repeat donation for our club. Two years full of thanks to the both of you guys.

Many years of BAG thanks again go out to Capt. Ken Tokar for donating 4 free tickets as raffle prizes for trips on his half-day party boat The Angler of Howard Beach.

The raffle prizewinners were:

Susan Macinick: Special Projects Officer CG Auxiliary,
(who graciously contributed her winning raffle prize back to BAG for use as a raffle prize at a future BAG event,
our Annual Snapper Derby at Bayside Marina)

Ernest from Phoenix House,

Eric Guzman, son of Club member Dave Guzman

Lenny Ferro from the High Hill Striper Club

The grand prize rod & reel combo was low and behold won by Christopher Guzman, Eric Guzman’s brother.

  Finally, let us mention the Queens Chronicle photographer Anthony Correia, who certainly should have some great shots to publish out of the million or so he was graciously interested enough to take. We anxiously look forward to seeing the results in this local newspaper that comes out every Thursday.

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Photos below courtesy
Susan Macinick
US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Fort Totten

Photo by
Anthony Correia Photography

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